Fotoframe Online Shop Process

Add any Global Store product to your Shopping Cart, proceed to checkout and complete your order.

Search for the product of your choice using the search bar among the search results that are displayed, if available, you can identify Global Store products by the logo.

Note: To refine your search to display only Global Store products, select ‘Sold by fotoframe’ in the left navigation pane.

To place an order for a Global Store product, perform the following steps:

1.     From the product details page, click Add to Cart to add the product to your shopping cart.

2.     Click  on the icon upper-right corner of the page to review the items in your Shopping Cart.

3.     Click Proceed to Checkout after you’ve reviewed the items in your Shopping Cart.

4.     Sign in to your account, or create a new account if this is your first order.

5.      Click enter a new delivery address to enter a new address, or select an existing delivery address by clicking the corresponding Deliver to this address button.

Note: If you have multiple products or multiple quantities of the same product in your cart, you can choose to deliver each of the items to a different address using the Deliver to multiple addresses option.

6.     Select a delivery speed and click Continue.

7.      Select one of the available payment methods, click Continue and enter your payment information.


 Pay on delivery (POD) and gift cards are not accepted as valid payment methods for orders containing Global Store products.

 If your shopping cart contains multiple items and even one of those items is a Global Store product, you will not able to pay even for the remaining items using POD or a gift card. You will need to use a credit/debit card or net banking to complete the order, or purchase the Global Store products as part of a separate order.

8.     Click Continue.

9.     Click Add Photo ID proof now for uploading recepient’s KYC. Alternatively you can select I’ll do it later option to provide KYC after an order is placed.

10.  Review your order details and click Place Your Order and Pay.

11.  From your Bank’s 3-D secure gateway, enter your 3-D secure code to authorize your payment. You will see a Thank You page if your order is successfully placed.


To successfully deliver, all Global Store orders require an ID proof to be submitted for customs clearance as per government regulations. You can either upload recipient’s KYC while the order is being placed or upload it within 36 hours of placing the order. If you’ve opted to submit ID proof at a later stage, then we will email you a link to upload recipient’s KYC or alternatively you can visit Your Orders page to upload the KYC. Your order would get cancelled if the KYC is not submitted within 36 hours of placing the order. For details about the accepted ID proofs, click here.

 If the order value of your Global Store products is equal to or greater than Rs.50,000 you will not be able to complete placing your order. You will need to edit the quantity of Global Store items in your shopping cart to be lesser than Rs.50,000 in value to be able to complete the transaction.